5 Tips to Encourage Your Child to Read

As parents, aunts, and uncles to little ones, we know how important - and fun! - reading can be. It’s not only a great way to spend quality time with your child, but many experts agree that reading to your child is one of the best things you can do for their development.

For most parents, it may seem a little challenging to get your little one to sit down to read when they have so many play-time options like toys, or electronic games. Encouraging your little one to like reading should be fun! It's just a matter of finding ways to make reading something your child will want to do, whether it’s with mom or dad, or on their own.

Keep reading for some of our favorite tips on how to encourage your child to love reading, and make reading a part of your home!

1.) Make it part of their routine

From their nightly bath routine, or their favorite sippy cup at dinner time, little ones depend on their routine - they like to know what’s coming! Whether that’s before bedtime, or afternoon nap, after dinner, pick a time that works best for you and your family, and try scheduling some reading time at the same time each day. Setting aside that time will get you and your little one in the mood to read and the extra hugs and cuddles are something you both will look forward to.

2.) Let them pick

Kids love being a big (little) helper! Even at such a young age, kids want to feel like they’re involved in everything mom or dad does. Next time you’re getting ready for a little book time, let your little one pick 1-2 titles they want to read. As a fun surprise, you can then try to introduce a new title or 2. You never know, you may just help them find a new favorite story!

3.) Take your adventures, to-go

Who says reading is limited to the same spot in your home? One of our favorite ways to keep little ones occupied is to stash a couple of books in our bag. Keep them entertained while waiting at pediatrician, on the way to grandma’s for a visit, or having dinner at a restaurant. Change things up by taking along some books to the park, or beach and have a little picnic and enjoy some reading time outdoors. Make it a themed afternoon and look for books about animals or sea creatures!

4.) Visit your local library

Speaking of getting out for some reading fun - try visiting your local library! Many city libraries will offer storytime for little ones and it’s a great way to create a special outing centered around reading. Your child will get a chance to spend time with other little readers their age and get to discover a whole new world of books - win, win!

5.) Build a library right at home

Since we’re on the subject of the library, how about bringing the library to you? Building a library at home for your child and giving them access to books anytime of the day is one of the best ways to encourage them to read. Make building their library a fun thing to do with your child! Collect your favorite titles in a bookcase or small rack, and designate a special place in your home as the ‘home library’.

We believe just giving your little ones access to books puts reading right at their fingertips. Of course, at Lillypost, we’re all too happy to help you create your own library at home! Need a little help building your child’s collection? Check out our book boxes so you too can start building your child’s library today!